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5 Reasons To Lease Your Land to a Solar Farm

By April 20, 2022May 2nd, 2022Blog
Dozens of solar panels on large property

As a landowner, you have several options for portions of land that are not in use. The problem is that the majority of those options involve significant investment, a lot of work, and unpredictable ROI. If your land is in the Northeast U.S., why not consider leasing your land to a solar farm with a company like Solar Liberty? Here are five reasons to contact us at (866) 807-3639 about leasing your land.

1. Passive Income for as Long as You Like

The number one benefit of leasing your land to a solar farm is that it earns guaranteed passive income for the length of the contract, while the land continues to appreciate the whole time. At the end of the term, your land will be returned in a condition suitable for immediate planting or development.

2. Zero Maintenance Requirements

Because you’re simply renting the land to the solar company, you don’t have to lift a finger to attend to the farm through the whole lease. The company sets up the solar farm and takes care of all maintenance and repairs throughout the lease period, so you can attend to other matters without worrying.

3. Year-Round Yields

Unlike crops, solar farms produce a predictable yield and run all year long. There’s no down season, and your revenue stream will remain steady for as long as the land is producing solar energy.

4. Flexible Space Requirements

You don’t need a huge parcel of land to lease to a solar company. Many companies will consider land that’s 10 acres or more, and it’s possible to lease part of your land while using the remaining portion to grow crops or serve another purpose.

5. Serving Your Community

Solar farm leasing is a good option for landowners who wish to turn their land into a profit-turner without disrupting neighboring properties. Solar farms are minimally invasive and don’t create a nuisance for surrounding home or property owners, and the energy they produce may strengthen the grid.

Request Your Evaluation Today

Leasing your land to a solar farm may be the most low-maintenance, low-risk choice you can make for unused parcels. If you’re interested in generating passive income from a planet-friendly solar farm on your Northeastern U.S. land, call Solar Liberty today. We can set up a free solar evaluation for your land and explore your options for maximizing its potential with a solar farm lease.

Call us at (866) 807-3639 to get the process started.