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Solar a possibility as Perry pursues cheaper electricity

By August 25, 2015August 5th, 2021News

Solar a possibility as Perry pursues cheaper electricity

By Matt Surtel The Daily News

PERRY — The village may become the latest local entity to host a green energy project.

Negotiations are underway with Solar Liberty to host a solar energy project at the village’s wastewater treatment plant on Water Street.

“There’s the opportunity to save the community a considerable amount of money over the next 25 years for electrical utility billings,” said Village Administrator Terry Murphy. “The estimate is approximately $850,000 over 25 years.” The village would allow Solar Liberty to build and operate a 640-watt solar array at the property, he said.

Although the array would not power any village facilities — the electricity would be fed directly to the power grid — the village would receive a rebate in return, based on the solar electricity generated. The village would then have the option of buying the solar array once the 25-year lease expires.

Nothing has been signed yet, and negotiations are still underway. If successful, the array would be constructed next spring or summer, and start operations in the autumn.  “We’ve explored the site with them and it seemed acceptable,” Murphy said. “Now the attorneys are comparing notes.”