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Take Control – Let Solar Protect You From Rising Electricity Rates

By August 2, 2017August 18th, 2021Blog
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Posted By: Nate VerHague, Solar Liberty
August 2, 2017

One of the most common reasons people decide to go solar is for the financial benefits. There are many other reasons to go solar like reducing carbon emissions and adding resale value to your home. But, cutting the electric bill is always somewhere near the top of a homeowners needs when deciding to go solar.

The combination of rising electricity rates and solar being as affordable as ever makes this the perfect time for someone to make the jump to solar. National Grid recently requested a rate hike upwards of 20%, with other utilities likely to follow.

While the Public Service Commission didn’t grant that much of an increase, it looks to be settling in around a 10%-15% increase in electricity rates once all is finalized. A home with average usage would see a monthly increase of about $9 per month.

On the flip side, solar has never been more affordable. Homeowners can take advantage of grant money from the state along with state federal income tax credits to shave about 2/3 off the cost off their installation. New York also locked in residential net metering for at least another 20 years.

To find out how you can take control and protect yourself from electricity rate hikes, reach out to Solar Liberty today and find out how you can benefit from going solar. Call 866.807.3639 or visit to start on your path to energy independence!