Small, medium or large business can all benefit from going solar. Your business can cut operating costs, lock in energy rates, and start gaining your energy independence with Solar Liberty. Solar Liberty has all the resources to handle all facets of your solar project so you benefit from maximum efficiencies and cost savings. In other words, we can make it affordable.
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Using solar electricity to power your business gives you a green advantage over your competitors. Customers want to reduce their environmental impact by using products and vendors that have cut their carbon emissions. A solar energy system is a reliable source of electricity for your organization with an attractive return on investment. Solar panels take the uncertainty out of next year’s energy costs. Every kilowatt-hour of electricity you produce from solar is one you are not buying from the utility.
Solar Liberty offers a variety of financing options to help your company realize the benefits of going solar.

Solar Leasing – Solar Liberty offers solar leasing to qualifying commercial customers. Your solar savings are guaranteed to be greater than your yearly lease payments. Solar Liberty will install and maintain the system. The building owner begins generating electricity and saving money immediately.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
 – A solar power purchase agreement is similar in that Solar Liberty will install, maintain, and own the system on your building. As a host of the system, you purchase the electricity at a reduced rate that is lower than the utility company’s prices.

Incentives – 
Each state offers different types of incentives. Most grant programs are applied to the upfront cost of the solar installation. This makes it more affordable to put solar panels on your roof with a quicker payback. As part of our turnkey service, Solar Liberty will file grant paperwork on your behalf and advise on how to receive the maximum incentives available depending on where you live.

Rooftop solar system
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