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Earn $2500 or more for referring Solar Liberty to a business!

Send us a business referral today! Please provide as much contact information about the referral customer as you have available. For multiple referrals, please submit this form once for each referral. You will receive a $500 credit (Special offer of $600 in the month of March 2020 AND April!) for each business referral that results in a solar installation.

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Terms and Conditions

SunProfit® Referral Plan (“Plan”) is offered during the Term (as defined herein) to customers that have entered into a valid commercial lease, power purchase agreement, system purchase agreement or installment contract with Solar Liberty and a valid Solar Liberty Installation Agreement (“SunProfit Program Agreements”) with Solar Liberty Energy Systems, Inc. (“Solar Liberty”) that choose to participate in this Plan, and agree to these terms and conditions (hereinafter “Participant”). As a Participant, you must be the first Participant to identify an original lead, by providing Solar Liberty with accurate, legible and complete contact information of one or more qualified prospective customers (“Lead”). Participant agrees that Solar Liberty has absolute discretion to review and decide which of two competing Participants is qualified to receive credit for the Lead. To receive a credit for a referral, the Lead must (1) sign, or have signed, Solar Liberty’s agreement for a commercial installation with a minimum of a 15kW commercial photovoltaic system in the State of New York and (2) have qualified for a NYSERDA PON 2112 grant (“Qualifications”) (3) have had a system installed on their property and (4) have paid their total balance in full due to Solar Liberty. Once your referral has met the Qualifications, Solar Liberty will, within thirty (30) days thereafter, provide a SunProfit® Reward in the amount of five-hundred dollars and no cents ($500.00) for a business or commercial referral to Participant as a credit towards the amount due Solar Liberty on Participant’s existing account (if any), by issuing a check to Participant or a combination of the same according to Solar Liberty’s discretion. This Program does not otherwise offset or modify Participant’s obligations under the SunProfit Program Agreements with Solar Liberty. The SunProfit Reward may be taxable income and Participant is responsible for the payment of all applicable taxes assessed resulting from the Reward. Solar Liberty may issue a 1099 form to Participant to the extent required under applicable law. In the rare instance that a dispute arises regarding this Program, Solar Liberty reserves the right to withhold payment of the disputed amount of the Reward until the dispute is fully resolved. This is a limited time offer. The offer is not valid unless signed by Participant. The amount of the SunProfit® Reward is subject to change upon thirty (30) days notice by posting such change on our website.