Syracuse Solar Energy

Positive change is only one step away. Choosing a clean alternative energy source for your company or home helps spread a positive message and create long-lasting change. Over the years, solar energy in Syracuse and the surrounding area has grown in popularity. Yes, even with the rainy and cloudy days, resident businesses and homeowners are seeing a difference in their energy bills and carbon footprint.

Our goal at Solar Liberty is to provide Syracuse with solar panel installation, upkeep, and monitoring services that will help our community preserve the natural environment. We offer high-quality products we truly believe in and services that leave our clients satisfied.

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Solar Energy in Syracuse

In the United States, roughly 4% of homes are powered either in full or in part by solar energy. However, as the cost of solar has dropped more than 70% in the past 10 years, it is expected that this number will rise significantly in the years ahead.

Syracuse is a prime location for solar energy. Our climate and nearly 160 days of sun every year make the region well-suited for solar energy generation. Further, modern solar panels are far more advanced than previous generations. As a result, they can produce considerable energy even on cloudy days. Coupled with the significantly decreased cost of solar panels and the infrastructure required to support them, these reasons are why there are more than 100 acres of solar farms popping up in the fields around the city.

Solar panels are a cost-effective, efficient option that can deliver plenty of reliable energy for homeowners in Syracuse and surrounding areas. Modern solar panels are typically rated to produce between 250 to 400 watts per hour, and most residential solar panel systems can generate between 1kW and 4kW. At peak performance, these can generate around 2,900 kWh every year, which is more than sufficient for most homes in the region.

Our Services

When it comes to your solar energy needs, our team can calculate how much power you need and the best solar panel system for your home. We will help you select the ideal installation site and offer ongoing services to help maintain, repair, and optimize your system so that you enjoy clean, cost-effective, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly power.

Commercial Solar in Syracuse

Installing solar energy in Syracuse is inclusive of all types of businesses and organizations. Whether you work for a municipality, educational institution, corporation, or commercial plant, we encourage you to explore your green electricity options. Your land or roof space could have adequate space for enough solar panels to help your establishment and your community at large. If you’d like to learn more about local and state incentives, check out our various resources for commercial solar in New York.

Residential Solar in Syracuse

Interested in residential solar energy options in Syracuse? At Solar Liberty, we’ve worked with homeowners across New York to design a solar panel system that fits the precise needs of your home. We look at every project on an individual basis, as one universal design will not do justice to the unique needs of residents and their homes.

It may surprise you to learn, but there are several rebates and monetary incentives for you to go green at home. We have ample information for homeowners looking to learn more about solar power opportunities in Syracuse.

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