Solar Installations Promote Cost Savings and Local Job Growth

By February 7, 2017May 9th, 2018Blog
Solar over Fossil Fuel infographic

Posted By: Nathan VerHague

As technology continues to advance and we update our electrical grid, renewable energy sources are becoming a larger piece of the puzzle every day. There are several contributing factors to this phenomenon. First and foremost is cost savings for homeowners, businesses, and utility companies.

Any time an upcoming technology can make our lives easier or cut cost, it is bound to be successful, which is exactly what we are looking at with solar electricity. When you add in the state and federal incentives the government is currently offering, you start to see solar systems popping up everywhere!

Residents and business owners are investing in solar panel arrays to save tens of thousands of dollars on their utility costs over a span of 25 years or more. Solar offers an excellent investment in your home to drive up the resale value and protect yourself from rising electricity costs.

Typically, solar adopters see a payback of about seven years on their investment and get over 25 years worth of free electricity. Many see it as a no-brainer – especially in a state like New York. The state has some of the most robust renewable energy incentives and net metering policies in the United States.

Putting money back into the pockets of residents and business owners isn’t the only positive effect on the local economy. Solar also creates many highly paid jobs. In a recent Forbes report (see above) not only is solar growing 12 times faster than the economy, but it nearly doubles fossil fuel jobs in extracting coal, gas, and petroleum already.

As the industry continues to grow, more and more highly paid local jobs are created in the solar sector. Combine that with homeowners’ abilities to save on electric costs and we have ourselves a fantastic opportunity to further stimulate the local economy!

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