Solar Liberty offers several options to make your solar power system more affordable than ever.

12-Month Same as Cash Financing
This works as a bridge loan between the time of installation and the day you receive your tax returns. Most new solar buyers get back a large tax refund in their first year from federal and state tax credits. Our No Payments, No Interest for 1 Year program means you will not have to pay the installation bill until after you receive your tax rebate.

Home Equity Loans and Mortgages
Your first month of generating solar power can be net positive when you defer the cost of the solar panel installation over time. With good credit terms, your loan payments will be less than the value of the electricity generated. If you are building a new home, you can bundle the cost of the solar energy system into your mortgage.

Added Value
Solar homes sell faster and at a higher value than comparable properties. The system has no moving parts, makes no noise, and requires no fuel of any kind. There is little or no maintenance required of the homeowner.

Go Solar!
Brown and white house with solar panels