Residential Solar Energy & Installation in NY, PA, OH & VT

When you need outstanding solar power installations, trust the team at Solar Liberty. With 20 years of company experience, we offer the highest quality products and installation services to get you one step closer to energy independence.

Our experienced electricians are NABCEP-certified to ensure that your project is done right. With our dedication to the community and outstanding testimonials, you can rest assured that your new solar system is in excellent hands.

To schedule your solar installation with one of our certified experts, call us today or contact us online.

Solar Panel & Battery Installation

With energy costs always on the rise, a new solar panel system can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint. With this smart home investment, you’ll experience great benefits like lower electrical bills and increased energy independence. With various available tax incentives and net metering programs, you may be eligible for exceptional savings. Schedule your solar panel installation with Solar Liberty today. We’ll handle your entire project, from obtaining permits to ensuring your system is optimized to maximize energy production.

Worried about your next power outage? With solar electrical storage, your batteries can provide power on-demand, so the next time your neighbors are stuck in the dark, you can utilize the power harvested by your solar panels to keep your home up and running.

Solar Services for Residential New Construction

Interested in solar for your new home construction? Our team will help you choose the energy system that meets your new home’s needs. Beginning your solar project early in construction offers many great benefits, including:

  • Positioning your roof for maximum sun exposure
  • Ensuring roof layouts like dormers, vents, and chimneys won’t impact your panel performance
  • Selecting roofing materials that can support panels
  • Choosing electric appliances to run off your new solar power

EV Charger Installation

Switching to an electric car can save you time and money at the pump, but it’s not worth the hassle if you’re struggling to find convenient charging. With a home EV charger from Solar Liberty, we’ll install a high-quality level 2 charger that works off of a 240V outlet so that you can get a full charge for your vehicle overnight.

Our wall-mounted systems allow for convenient at-home charging when you need it and are yet another way to take full advantage of the power from your solar panels.

Schedule With Solar Liberty Today

When you’re ready to upgrade to solar, call the team at Solar Liberty. We’re the number one largest solar installer in New York state, and as a family and locally owned and operated company, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We believe in a future with clean energy, and with our philanthropic work, we’re working hard to enable individuals and organizations to do their part in turning this vision into a reality.

Call Solar Liberty today to find out how our residential solar services can help save you money and reduce your carbon footprint or contact us online.


Yes, a solar battery significantly increases your energy independence. Without batteries, you may be compensated for any extra energy from your panels with a net metering program. With a battery, you can hold that additional power for when you need it most, like a blackout during severe weather or storms.

Even on the coldest day of the year, your solar panels will work to create energy since they draw from the sun’s light, not heat. While elements like snow may reduce energy production, cold climates are actually optimal for solar panel efficiency.

a solar farm with rows of solar panels generating power in a large field a solar farm with rows of solar panels generating power in a large field
About Solar Liberty:
  • 20 Years of company experience: Since 2003, we’ve helped homeowners and businesses utilize the power of solar to reduce their carbon footprint and save money.
  • Family-Owned & -Operated: We offer the personalized customer service that you can only get from a local, family-owned team.
  • Philanthropic: We work with the Solar Liberty Foundation to bring solar energy to underdeveloped nations and impoverished people.
  • Competitive Pricing: We believe investing in the clean energy movement shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Our competitive pricing helps keep your project within budget.
  • Online reviews & customer testimonials: We offer the highest quality products and superior service!
  • NABCEP-certified: Our highly knowledgeable solar experts will ensure your system is safely and properly installed to pull maximum energy from the sun.