Solar Energy Solutions & Installation in Harrisburg, PA

Solar panel array in wildflower fieldAt Solar Liberty, we’re your trusted provider of solar power and energy installation services in Harrisburg. We are dedicated to transforming homes and businesses through sustainable energy solutions.

With our expertise in commercial and residential installations, we are committed to helping you harness the power of solar energy. Our team of experienced, trained, and NABCEP-certified solar installers and electricians will help you determine the right solar solutions for your home or business.

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Commercial Solar

When it comes to commercial solar solutions, Solar Liberty is your go-to partner. We specialize in panel installation, offering customized systems tailored to your business’s unique energy needs.

If you’re a landowner, we can help you maximize the potential of your property by installing solar arrays. In Pennsylvania, you can generate consistent income through solar farm energy leasing payments. Make your land work for you.

Explore our solar services for efficient energy storage, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply.

Industries We Serve

Solar energy brings great advantages to many businesses and property managers. At Solar Liberty, we’re proud to serve a variety of industries, including:

Residential Solar

Solar Liberty empowers homeowners to embrace solar energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our team specializes in seamless panel installation, optimizing your home’s energy production and reducing reliance on the grid. We also offer solar installation for residential new construction and ample resources for homeowners looking to start their journey.

Discover the benefits of residential solar and take control of your energy consumption with Solar Liberty.

EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicle charging stations offer great benefits for both homeowners and businesses, especially with Level 2 chargers. Here’s why they’re worth it:

  • Faster charging
  • Property value boost
  • Cost savings
  • Increased foot traffic for businesses

Why Choose Solar Liberty?

When you choose Solar Liberty for your solar energy needs, you benefit from our unwavering commitment to excellence. We combine extensive industry knowledge with a passion for sustainability to give you innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, guiding you through every step of the process. With Solar Liberty, you can trust that you are investing in a reliable and reputable solar energy partner.

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Can adding solar panels to my house save me money?

Absolutely! Solar panels can significantly reduce your electricity bills by generating clean energy from the sun. Excess energy produced can be fed back into the grid, earning you credits and further reducing costs.

Are there rebates for switching to solar in PA?

Yes! There is a federal tax credit for residential photovoltaics (or solar panels) installed before 2034. If you install now, you can get a 30% income tax credit that covers materials, labor costs, and even some energy storage.

a solar farm with rows of solar panels generating power in a large field a solar farm with rows of solar panels generating power in a large field
About Solar Liberty:
  • 20 Years of company experience: Since 2003, we’ve helped homeowners and businesses utilize the power of solar to reduce their carbon footprint and save money.
  • Family-Owned & -Operated: We offer the personalized customer service that you can only get from a local, family-owned team.
  • Philanthropic: We work with the Solar Liberty Foundation to bring solar energy to underdeveloped nations and impoverished people.
  • Competitive Pricing: We believe investing in the clean energy movement shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Our competitive pricing helps keep your project within budget.
  • Online reviews & customer testimonials: We offer the highest quality products and superior service!
  • NABCEP-certified: Our highly knowledgeable solar experts will ensure your system is safely and properly installed to pull maximum energy from the sun.