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Today Solar Liberty finished commissioning the new SunPower SunVault system around 1pm and tonight at 7:02pm the lights flickered for a half cycle instant and I said to my wife the (grid) power just went out (which it truly did) and when I checked my SunPower app it indicated that we were on the (newly commissioned) battery! The transfer was so fast that even the digital clocks kept time! It was stunning! After a few minutes I received a text from the utility indicating an area wide outage. Now an hour later a text indicating 1230 customers in this area are still without power…however we are doing ok with our new SP system. Kudos to Solar Liberty and everyone who helped get this system designed, installed and commissioned! Incredible equipment technicians and support folks! Thank you!

Donald C.

Think about it. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people purchase a $30,000-vehicle each day. They don’t even think twice about it. That vehicle depreciates immediately when driven off the lot. It’s costly in maintenance and the typical warranty only lasts about three, maybe five years at best. Solar panels, on the other hand, add value to my own personal property. Solar helps almost eliminate my entire utility bill. Not to mention, my total cost of the purchase was cut nearly 65% after federal and state tax credits and NYSERDA grants were applied. On top of all that, the panels have a 25-year warranty. If those same considerations and incentives were applied to buying an SUV, luxury car or pickup truck — of course the person would buy the vehicle. So, why wouldn’t someone buy solar?

Dana VerHague

It was a natural progression for us. We’ve always recycled, composted, returned bottles, reused, repurposed, repaired — done whatever we could do to use our natural resources wisely. It’s the way we were both raised and we taught our children to be that way, too. I think many folks of our generation have the same values and would love the opportunity we had to convert to solar power.

Trudi Schwert

With the state and federal incentives, it all made sense. My solar panels earn me much more money than I could hope to get from bank interest nowadays.

James P.

Solar energy is economically affordable. It helps prevent global climate change, and it acts as a ‘hedge’ against rising electricity rates.

Ruth W.

Not only will these systems contribute to environmental sustainability in our region, but the cost savings will also contribute to the financial stability of our schools in the years ahead.

Viki I.
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