K-Solar Program


solar panels on school rooftop

Clean energy, a chance to learn about turning sunlight into electricity and cost savings. Schools all over the state are part of the K-Solar Program.

Teacher in front of solar panels

The K-Solar Program through NYSERDA empowers schools to procure affordable solar energy without impacting school district budgets. Governor Cuomo initiated this joint program of NYPA, NYSERDA, the Governor’s Energy Office, and the NYS Education Department, and it has become a national model for school solarization.

This historic school energy program—the largest multi-agency solar buying consortium project in the United States—inspires the next generation of energy leaders and helps schools statewide to save money and lower their carbon footprints. School districts in 59 of New York State’s 62 counties (more than ⅓ of the schools in the state) have joined the K-Solar Program.


Children at UB solar array

Solar Liberty offers the same solar services to school districts across New York. Tour specific location will determine the details regarding solar panel design and installation for your school. After installation, Solar Liberty provides management and maintenance services to keep your solar system running at its peak. Benefits of K-Solar through Solar Liberty include:

  • Services are provided at no cost to your district.
  • We collaborate with school staff to determine if facilities are suitable for solar.
  • We estimate costs, capacity, and savings.
  • We assist in developing a cost-effective arrangement with the solar installation and operation vendors selected for this program.
  • We offer teacher workshops and solar-related STEM curricula (in science, technology, engineering, and math) for the school districts

Solar Liberty is an authorized K-Solar partner and worked with dozens of schools in New York State to take advantage of the K-Solar initiative.

Contact Solar Liberty about renewable energy for your school

There’s no better time than the present to begin your solar energy journey. Contact our team to find out more about our assessments and how much your facility could be saving with our clean energy program.