Utility Scale Solar

As the largest solar installation company in New York State, Solar Liberty has worked with numerous municipalities and utility partners in the development of large-scale, utility-grade solar power plants. With more than 140 megawatts installed, Solar Liberty brings our experience to every project. From initial design and permitting to development, construction, installation, and bringing the system online, you’ll never be in the dark. We walk with you through every step of your utility scale solar experience.
Solar Liberty is proud to offer a new option in renewable energy. Community Solar takes advantage of economies of scale with fewer carbon emissions by designing and installing utility scale solar arrays. These solar arrays produce renewable energy that the local community can use. With renewable energy, your community will decrease their environmental impact, and you’ll save resources otherwise spent on standard, unclean energy sources.
Solar Liberty offers experience and expertise in the development of Community Solar projects. From identifying sites to permitting, designing, installation and grid-tie-in, Solar Liberty offers turnkey solar solutions. This allows utilities to provide highly-demanded renewable power to customers while streamlining the grid integration process. If your New York district has untouched land or roof space, installing utility solar could benefit the entire county.
Sunset with solar panels
Aerial of solar power
Large Scale Solar Could Be Your Next Cash Crop
The rapid expansion of solar energy has created significant financial opportunities for both landowners and farmers. Over time, solar farming has become increasingly more valuable. Up-front expense typically turns many people away without a second glance. However, countless opportunities and benefits await farmers, landowners, or anyone who wants to capitalize on clean energy distribution. Utility scale solar project operators quickly see a return on their investment within the first few years. Several financial opportunities and programs are in place to help you begin.