Municipal Solar

Municipal solar energy systems on government facilities and land—local, state and federal—demonstrate innovation, cost consciousness, and leadership in a new economy. Positive community support and measurable cost savings make solar panel installations the right choice for government buildings. Solar Liberty is ready to help.
Solar Liberty uses American made equipment that is fully compliant with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). We use ARRA compliant solar panels on municipal renewable energy projects. We have consistently been awarded contracts for stimulus projects and work with public entities of all sizes, from city governments and state agencies to federal buildings across New York. Installing community solar power in your city is a win-win. You are supporting local jobs and American made products. In addition, making your own solar electricity contributes to the overarching national energy independence. With municipal solar, you are providing a more sustainable future for generations to come. On top of the intrinsic value solar adds, you can cut spending on facility costs without changing the level of services to the community.
Solar Liberty’s municipal solar program helps non-profit organizations and New York state-run facilities realize their potential in the solar energy industry. After working with us, countless clients share stories about finding renewed strength and encouragement in their communities. After making renewable energy a part of the government and non-profit initiative, communities begin to pursue the same. If you are ready to lead by example with solar panels in your community, get in touch with our team today.
We are proud to offer our municipal customers the finest service and top-quality products to fit the needs of their specific community. See what our customers have to say about us.
Row of solar panels