EV Charging Installation for Shopping Centers in NY, PA & OH

Blue sedan with "Solar Liberty" wrap text, hooked up to EV charger in parking garageAs electric vehicles become increasingly popular alternatives to traditional gas cars, consumers are looking for convenient ways to charge their vehicles at home, at work, and while running errands. Solar Liberty is pleased to help meet the demand for EV charging stations at shopping centers in New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

With 20 years of industry experience, our team can install however many commercial EV chargers you wish to make available to your customers. Trust us to simplify the process, from the initial consultation to the installation.

Benefits of Installing Commercial EV Charging Stations

By adding a multi-vehicle EV carport to your shopping center, you can expect to benefit in the following ways:

  • Increase your property value: EV charging stations are an investment that pays you back by raising your property value.
  • Attract new and return customers: When electric vehicle owners learn that you offer charging stations on-site, they’ll be more likely to frequent your business.
  • Qualify for EV charging station rebates: Certain utility providers and governments offer special rebates for qualifying EV charger installations. We’ll help you understand the rebates available in New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio so you can take full advantage of them.

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Expert EV Charger Installation

Solar Liberty installs several EV charging options. We offer individual, wall-mounted, Level 1 EV chargers for residential applications. Then, we recommend multi-vehicle Level 2 and Level 3 EV solar carports for shopping malls, retail centers, and other businesses. A team of licensed electricians will help you choose the best configuration for your parking lot’s and your customers’ needs.

To learn more about EV charger installation, contact us at 866.807.3639 for your free site evaluation.

Why Choose Solar Liberty?

As the largest solar installer in New York and the surrounding states, Solar Liberty is well-equipped to design and install multi-vehicle EV solar carports at shopping centers throughout the region. We already have a long list of satisfied customers and would love to serve your needs next!

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EV Charging FAQs

Is it profitable to own an electric vehicle charging station?

Providing EV chargers in your parking lot is a great business opportunity. Chargers attract customers and generate revenue. They also increase the time and money customers are likely to spend in the store while waiting for their vehicles to finish charging. This, in turn, further grows your retail revenue.

What is the process of installing an EV charging station?

  1. Conduct a site analysis to determine the feasibility of a multi-vehicle charging station at your business.
  2. Review any infrastructure changes that must occur to accommodate the EV charger.
  3. Apply for tax credits and rebates to help fund your investment.
  4. Design a safe, well-lit, comfortable environment for customers to use the EV charging stations.
  5. Make final site preparations and complete the installation.

How do I choose an EV charger for my business?

Level 1 charging (120 V) is typically reserved for residential applications. Commercial solutions include Level 2 charging (240 V) and Level 3 charging (480 V), also known as direct-current (DC) fast charging. Level 2 stations are commonly installed at workplaces where vehicles can sit and charge for eight hours. Level 3 is the most expensive option, but it may be best for shopping centers where customers only spend about an hour in the store.