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Solar Liberty is the name behind countless commercial solar energy projects for businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions. From small businesses to utility-scale solar farms, Solar Liberty has experience in the design, installation, operation, and management of commercial solar systems. For organizations and landowners, Solar Liberty’s New York-based commercial solar panel installation and ongoing operation and maintenance programs increase cost-saving and environmental stewardship years after the initial installation.

A solar energy system is a reliable source of electricity for your organization with an attractive return on investment. By having commercial solar panels installed, you can remove the uncertainty of next year’s energy costs. Every kilowatt-hour of electricity you produce from solar lowers or eliminates your utility cost.

Our Solar Services

At Solar Liberty, we are pleased to offer your organization all the services you need to get your solar project off the ground and keep production at optimal levels. Our services include:

Solar panel installation: Our experts can evaluate your facility, determine the ideal amount of solar panels for your needs, and install them where they will receive the most significant sun exposure. Our team can handle the entire process, from mounting the solar racking to installing the panels and connecting the cabling.

System creation: Our experts can design your entire solar system, source the components, and install them to create a single, unified solution that offers the greatest performance for your budget.

Solar panel repair: When a solar panel malfunctions or becomes damaged, our team can diagnose the problem and recommend the best solution, whether it is a solar panel repair or replacement.

Solar power system maintenance: Keep your solar system producing as much as possible with our solar maintenance services from Solar Liberty. Our team can clean the solar panels, check the wiring, test the inverters, and more, ensuring all components are operating correctly and producing optimal power.

Solar monitoring: Keep track of your solar performance with our innovative, one-stop solution for all your solar monitoring needs — the SLX monitoring system from Solar Liberty. It offers all the statistics you need, from power generated to load statistics, system voltage, and solar amperage. With its built-in cellular communication, the data is available remotely from virtually anywhere.

Solar battery installation: Take your solar system to the next level with battery storage that allows you to shift grid power usage to the most cost-effective times or operate independently of the grid entirely.

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Industries We Serve

As a leading solar installer in New York state, Solar Liberty has worked with many businesses and organizations across multiple industries. No matter how small or large your company is, we will work diligently to meet your needs and provide a solar solution that offsets significant portions of your operational costs. Our company is pleased to serve businesses from the following industries:

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We are proud to offer exceptional customer service and top-quality, cutting-edge solar products and solutions to fit the needs of virtually any project. We create and install commercial solar power systems for our diversified customer base across New York. With each commercial solar project, our team assesses and implements the precise type and amount of solar technology that best fits the specific client. Many organizations install commercial solar panels hidden away on accessible rooftops. This means additional space is not a requirement to start a solar farm.

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From agricultural specialists to mainstream enterprises, any organization has benefits waiting from a commercial solar panel installation on their land or building in New York. The three main advantages you can expect with almost any commercial solar power installation include energy cost savings, positive brand imaging, and the ability to support their local economy.

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We proudly offer our services in Albany, Buffalo, Binghamton, Corning, Plattsburgh, Rochester, Syracuse, Westchester County, and surrounding areas.

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