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Residential Solar Panel Installation in NY, VT, PA & OH

Go Green & Save Money With Custom Solar Panel Installations

As solar panel technology has matured, it has become a smart investment for many homes in the Northeast. Not only can it help to combat rising energy prices, but it offers energy independence while reducing your carbon footprint with a renewable, efficient source of electricity.

If you are considering a solar panel installation for your home in New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, or Ohio, talk to our team at Solar Liberty. We are the largest installer of solar systems in New York, and we are experienced, trained, and NABCEP-certified solar installers and electricians. We feature some of the most advanced solar systems on the market, and they can add significant value to your home.

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The Benefits of Going Solar

Depending on your location, there are between 150 to over 200 sunny days a year in the Northeast. This makes it easy to supplement your electricity with green, low-cost solar power. With a custom solar installation from Solar Liberty, not only will you be helping the environment but you can enjoy several practical benefits as well:

  • Lower electricity bills: A well-designed solar system can reduce your electricity bills dramatically while providing clean, reliable power anytime the sun is shining.
  • Energy independence: By adding a solar power storage system like the SunPower® SunVault™ or a Tesla Powerwall, you can store your solar power and use it overnight or during power outages.
  • Tax incentives: In addition to a federal tax credit of up to 30% of the cost of your solar system, many states offer their own incentives. New York offers a tax incentive of up to 25% of the cost of your system with a $5,000 maximum, while Vermont offers a sales tax exemption for the purchase of solar equipment. Many states or municipalities also offer programs that exempt the added value of the solar system from your property taxes.
  • Net metering: Net metering programs allow you to earn credits on your electricity bill for any extra power you produce. New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Ohio all allow net metering programs, but their availability and terms will vary based on your utility provider and location.

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Expert Solar Panel Installations With Solar Liberty

At Solar Liberty, we have installed over 200 megawatts of solar panels in New York and beyond, and we can design the ideal solar power system for your needs. Our team will evaluate your energy needs and install an advanced, turnkey solution that makes it easy to generate power and get the most for your solar system.

We offer great financing programs to make the process convenient, and we will obtain all the permits and file the necessary paperwork to ensure your system is approved by the local authorities in your jurisdiction. Our experienced, NABCEP-certified solar panel installers and electricians are some of the best in the business, and we will optimize your system to maximize your energy production and efficiency.

Let our team revolutionize your energy production and help you save money with a professional residential solar panel installation. Schedule a consultation today by calling 866-807-3639 or contacting us online.

Our Advanced Solar Panel Technologies

Efficiency is crucial for any solar system, and that’s why we feature the SunPower Equinox™ system. It features the most efficient solar equipment on the market, with panels that generate more power in less space than other products. They feature an InvisiMount® frame that is hidden from view, an integrated design that offers optimal performance, and innovative microinverters that eliminate large, bulky inverters while providing greater efficiency, reliability, and redundancy.

Why Choose Solar Liberty for Your Solar Panel Installation?

As the largest solar installer in New York, we have the skill and experience to deliver a system solar solution that meets your needs and provides optimum performance and efficiency. By choosing our company for your solar panel installation, you can enjoy:

  • Industry-leading service and experience: We are New York’s number one solar installer, and we offer top-quality products and service.
  • Easy installations: We make the entire process easy with free consultations, flexible financing, and professional installations.
  • Better equipment: We have been a leading provider of solar equipment since 2003, and our SunPower Equinox™ systems offer unrivaled power, performance, and simplicity.

Get started with your solar installation today in New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, or Ohio. Call 866-807-3639 or reach out online to schedule your free solar evaluation.

Solar System FAQs

The ideal size of your solar system will depend on the amount of energy you use daily, the solar irradiance in your area, the space available to install the system, and any obstructions that are present near your home, like trees or tall buildings. Our team can evaluate your needs and design a system that works well for your power requirements and budget.

Most grid-tied solar systems require the utility grid for synchronization and storage, and they will shut down during a power outage to protect the safety of utility workers who are repairing the power equipment. By adding a solar power storage system like our SunPower® SunVault™, however, you can safely use solar power at night or during power outages.

a solar farm with rows of solar panels generating power in a large field a solar farm with rows of solar panels generating power in a large field
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