Solar Panels for Education Buildings & Land in NY


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From large universities and colleges to elementary and high schools, Solar Liberty has installed solar panels for school buildings throughout New York. The large flat roof of a school building is perfect for solar panels. With expansive roof space and land available, educational institutions can produce electricity year-round as panels receive direct rays. Using the space to generate clean solar electricity will cut energy costs and make a lasting impression on students, faculty, parents, and the greater community.

Commercial solar power helps school districts reduce spending while creating a richer learning experience. Solar-powered schools can bring a real-world solar energy experience into the classroom. Through governmental or educational resources, you can enhance your students’ education with renewable energy curriculums and projects. What’s more, using solar energy demonstrates leadership in energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. By setting an example with school solar panels on your building or land, you’re more likely to make a lasting impact on students and your community.

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We are proud to offer schools and universities the finest service and top-quality products to fit the needs of virtually any project. See what our commercial customers have to say about our solar panel services.

“Not only will these [solar panel] systems contribute to environmental sustainability in our region, but the cost savings will also contribute to the financial stability of our schools in the years ahead.” – Viki Ingersoll, energy manager of the Catholic Diocese schools of Buffalo


Through a joint effort with the NYPA, NYSERDA, the Governor’s Energy Office, and NYS Education Department, the K-Solar program offers schools a great opportunity. This program offers commercial solar power for schools at cost-saving rates to help educate and inspire the next generation.

Learn more about the K-Solar Program.

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Top-Rated EV Charging Installation

Consider installing an EV charging station if your school wants to help meet the needs of staff and students.

With level 1 to 3 chargers available, let your customers take advantage of charging on the go while you access tax advantages and attractive rebates. For example, New York’s EV rebate program pays up to $4,000 for business charging ports.

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We work with an assortment of diverse customer needs and building configurations. Through it all, we’re proud to offer quality customer service and leading industry technology and products. Don’t just take our word for it — see what our past secondary education and university customers have to say.

Read our education customer testimonials.


With countless cost-saving, educational, and promotional benefits, what’s stopping you from going green? Contact Solar Liberty with any questions concerning design, installation, or financing for your school’s commercial solar panel system. We gladly service New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Vermont schools with commercial solar panel services!

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No, not if it is a 40A charger for a 240V outlet, as you are not making electrical upgrades. An exception is Tesla chargers. These do not require permits at level 1, but they do at levels 2 and 3 for 120V and above.

Level 1 is 120V for up to four days and has a 2-mile range. Level 2 is 240V for 6 to 30 hours and 9 to 25 miles. Level 3 is 480V and up to 170 miles.

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