Home Solar

Dana & Gale VerHague – Forestville, NY

“Think about it. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people purchase a $30,000-vehicle each day. They don’t even think twice about it. That vehicle depreciates immediately when driven off the lot. It’s costly in maintenance and the typical warranty only lasts about three, maybe five years at best.

Solar panels, on the other hand, add value to my own personal property. Solar helps almost eliminate my entire utility bill. Not to mention, my total cost of the purchase was cut nearly 65% after federal and state tax credits and NYSERDA grants were applied.

On top of all that, the panels have a 25-year warranty.

If those same considerations and incentives were applied to buying an SUV, luxury car or pickup truck — of course the person would buy the vehicle.

So, why wouldn’t someone buy solar?”

– Dana VerHague


David & Trudi Schwert – Medina, NY

“It was a natural progression for us. We’ve always recycled, composted, returned bottles, reused, repurposed, repaired — done whatever we could do to use our natural resources wisely.

It’s the way we were both raised and we taught our children to be that way, too. I think many folks of our generation have the same values and would love the opportunity we had to convert to solar power.”

– Trudi Schwert


Customers pointing to meter
Brad Sanacore – Williamsville, NY
Homeowners together
Dr. Todd & Debbi Levine – Lockport, NY
Eric Miller – Ithaca, NY

“I’ve had no problems. I like the website and mobile app, they’re really nice. They are useful and help with my curiosity. When I’m out of town, it’s nice to know the weather back at home — it’s like an insight into your backyard. I also like that I can keep an eye on my investment. When it’s working, it’s something you don’t think about and it’s been working flawlessly for two years now. So, everything is really good.”

Peter Rougeux – Youngstown, NY

“Things are great. I’ve had no bill in six months! It’s going well and it’s been two years now. This year has been better than last year. I’m happy — it’s doing exactly what they said it would. It’s hard to pass up when the federal and state incentives are so good.”

Christopher Baurle – Dryden, NY

“I am 100% super happy. My system is working as advertised. It was the right thing to do at the right time and price. Everyone should go solar. The more people who make that statement, the more of a commitment we make to future generations. We have to get away from fossil fuels — solar is the future.”

Gerald Possai – Bemus Point, NY

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. With our needs and what we do, it just made sense. Where we live, we have all electric and it covers 100% of it. Yeah, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Candice Uzarowski – Getzville, NY

“Our system runs well. We are really happy with everything and it runs itself so we don’t have to ask any questions. The monitoring is really helpful. We have the app and we don’t have to do anything on our end. It was not high-pressure sales at all. Beginning to end, we are very very happy with Solar Liberty and won’t hesitate to refer you. Thank you for checking in.”

Vance Lutgen – Dewittville, NY

“Very happy, I have electric heat, I cool and light my home for $17.35 a month. Do not let anyone tell you solar power will not work in Western NY. My panels have been on 4 years.”

Robin Comeau – Amherst, NY

“I love my $18 bill! And… I’m helping the environment. That’s one of the main reasons I did it even though I knew it would take some time to recoup my investment. I was going to do it no matter what.”

Troy Messenger – Croton-on-Hudson, NY

“The team at Solar Liberty was responsive, skilled, and efficient from the first conversation to the finished project. And with the Solarize Croton campaign, solar to cover 100% of our electricity was amazingly affordable. So glad to have made the switch to solar!”

Solar panels
“It’s great to see the meter move backward. I feel like now I’m giving, rather than just taking.”
– Susan S., Buffalo NY, owner of a 9.3 kW system
Solar panels on rooftop
“With the state and federal incentives, it all made sense. My solar panels earn me much more money than I could hope to get from bank interest nowadays.”
– James P, Depew NY, owner of a 6.3 kW system
Solar ground mount system
“Solar energy is economically affordable. It helps prevent global climate change, and it acts as a ‘hedge’ against rising electricity rates.”
– Ruth W., Little Valley NY, owner of a 4.2 kW solar energy system
Business Solar
Schools & Universities
Teacher in front of solar panels
“Not only will these systems contribute to environmental sustainability in our region, but the cost savings will also contribute to the financial stability of our schools in the years ahead.”
– Viki Ingersoll, Energy Manager of the Catholic Diocese schools of Buffalo
Sunset with solar panels
“Beyond the cost savings, solar power is a key component of [our college’s] long-term sustainability strategy as we seek innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint.”
– Jim Dishaw, Senior Director of Facilities Management and Planning at Le Moyne College
Government & Nonprofit
Solar array installation
“After our town had an energy fair, we began thinking about solar. We had always been interested in using renewable energy to cover our electrical needs and this was our best option.”
– Leonard Pero, Town Supervisor, Town of Brant
Solar panel in field
“The solar installation has been received very well by our community. So much so that we obtained additional grant monies to have solar panels installed at more town facilities.”
– Supervisor Scott A. Bylewski, Town of Clarence
Solar panel mounts
“The Town residents embraced the whole undertaking… The results were so favorable, that we have installed solar panels on the Orchard Park Library building in an effort to further decrease our electrical energy consumption.”
– Superintendent Frederick J. Piasecki, Jr., Town of Orchard Park Highway Department
Teacher pointing to solar panel
“When funding for non-profits is drying up, the panels are reliably sending out electricity and cutting the overhead expenses of the organization.”
– Ruth Lundin, Jamestown Audubon Society
Solar panel in sunshine
“The solar panel system is an asset to our facility that pays a large portion of our electric bill. It equates to a much larger return on investment than the interest rates offered by banks.”
– Jerry Park, South Dayton Vol. Fire Co. No 1
Solar panel through leaves
“We love having visitors come to ask us about the system and having the opportunity to educate the public about alternate energy solutions.”
– Bill Hudson, Buffalo Audubon Society
Utility-Scale Solar