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When you’re looking for a solar energy solution that matches your budget and needs, it can be a challenge to find a company you can trust. If you’re located in Vermont, look no further than Solar Liberty. Since 2003, we have provided our customers with turnkey solutions for clean energy through high-quality equipment and top-tier components. We are proud to claim thousands of satisfied customers whose reviews continue to support our mission of being the best solar solution provider in the nation.

Going Solar in Vermont

Suppose you have resolved to reduce your environmental footprint and cut your annual utility costs. In that case, investing in solar energy is an efficient and effective way to accomplish your goals in the year ahead. Solar energy currently generates roughly 12% of all power in the state, making Vermont one of the nation’s leading solar energy users. And this is a percentage that is increasing. Since 2015, solar power generation in the state has more than doubled in Vermont.

For homeowners and businesses, solar power is a viable option that can generate plenty of power during the state’s nearly 170 sunny days per year. Modern solar panels can generate sufficient power to keep lights, appliances, security systems, and more fully powered even on the remaining days when the sun is partially obscured or hidden behind thick clouds.

Solar energy is 100% renewable, and since the sun hasn’t stopped shining in billions of years, it’s a safe bet that it will continue to shine for as long as you own your home or business. Installing solar panels gives you a permanent hedge against utility rate increases, gas shortages, and more. It is an effective investment in energy security that you will enjoy and appreciate year after year.

Modern solar panels offer efficient operation during practically all weather conditions. They will reduce your electricity bills, reduce your dependence on the power grid, and the power you don’t use can be sold back to utility providers, which can further reduce your annual utility bills. Over time, your investment in a greener, cleaner, energy-independent future will pay for itself many times over.

Benefits of Residential Solar Power in Vermont

It’s hard to overestimate the value solar energy can bring to your home and lifestyle. The most obvious benefit is reducing dependence on the electrical grid and saving money on energy in the long run. Vermont has a net metering policy that allows homeowners to sell excess electricity back to the grid for credits. When you require more energy than your panels are currently producing, you can turn the credits in for the necessary electricity rather than buy it from your local utility. Additionally, Vermont residents get the benefit of renewable energy credits with the following details:

  • Homeowners with systems 15 kW to 150 kW are compensated 1 cent per kWh for solar generation over 10 years. They may be eligible for an additional 3 cents per kWh if the system is located on a “preferred site.”
  • Solar photovoltaic systems up to 50 kW are exempt from education, property, and municipal taxes.
  • Systems up to 500 kW are exempt from sales tax.

Add these incentives to the fact that solar installations increase the value of your home, and you have a wise investment on your hands.

Our Services in Vermont

The teams at Solar Liberty offer a broad range of services to residential and commercial clients in Vermont. We install, maintain, repair, and replace your solar systems so that you will always enjoy reliable solar system operation.

Our services include:

Solar Panel Installation in Vermont

Vermont is a growing hub for solar energy. As the Green Mountain State, VT is a destination for the natural beauty that its residents want to preserve through clean and renewable energy. The state is already generating 100% of its electricity from renewable resources — a figure well beyond what other states have accomplished — and solar is a significant subset of this. Solar Liberty serves customers in Rutland, Burlington, and beyond to help keep Vermont at the forefront of renewable energy.

Contact Solar Liberty to learn more about the solar panel services we offer residential and commercial clients in the region. 

Move the Needle With Solar Liberty

If you’re interested in furthering Vermont’s commitment to clean energy or are just looking to save money on energy in the long run, Solar Liberty has the expertise you need to make a confident decision. We provide free solar evaluations to homeowners, calculating the savings you can look forward to with one of our solar solutions.

For more information on Vermont solar installation in Rutland, Burlington, and other areas, call Solar Liberty or contact us online.