Solar Energy Solutions in Pennsylvania

Homes and businesses in Pennsylvania have relied on Solar Liberty for expert consultation and installation of solar energy systems since our company was founded in 2003. Our dedication to clean energy extends beyond sales as we strive to educate customers about the numerous benefits that come with a conversion to solar power. We can answer all your questions, address your concerns, and make it easy to make the solar switch.

Serving All of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has not been one of the leaders in solar power in past decades, but that is changing quickly. As homeowners and businesses realized the benefits of this power source, the state doubled solar growth in 2020 by adding 265 megawatts of solar power to the grid. Thanks to a solid slate of advantages for people and the environment, that significant growth is expected to continue through at least 2025. Solar Liberty is proud to have contributed to this growth in Pittsburgh, Erie, and elsewhere in the Keystone State.

Benefits of Switching Your Home to Solar Power

Most homeowners know that adopting a solar energy system can reduce or eliminate dependence on the grid and save money on electricity over the years. Customers in Erie, Pittsburgh, and other PA cities have some unique benefits to leverage when making the upgrade. Pennsylvania offers net metering, which allows you to sell excess electricity for utility bill credits, eliminating the need to buy electricity.

Additionally, homeowners in PA can benefit from the state’s Solar Renewable Energy Certificates. The program grants homeowners one SREC per megawatt-hour of electricity produced by panels, which can then be at prices dictated by the market.

Solar conversions come with federal tax incentives currently resting at 26% for solar installations as a bonus. Together with the fact that a solar energy system can boost the value of your home, there’s no reason not to call Solar Liberty today!

Why Pennsylvanians Choose Solar Liberty

Solar energy system conversions are a big choice, and for many, the upfront price tag is daunting. However, the long-term savings and benefits are clear. That’s why Solar Liberty works hard to offer zero down, zero percent financing and a variety of flexible financing offers that can get you started on your solar journey without pouring in your hard-earned money all at once.

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