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Going solar is the bright thing to do.

Going solar is the bright thing to do.

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Go Solar with Solar Liberty, the Largest Solar Installer in New York State

Solar Liberty is the largest solar energy installer in Western New York and across New York State.  Founded in 2003, our experienced team installs grid-tied solar electric systems for residential, commercial, municipal, nonprofit, and educational customers. At Solar Liberty, our solar panel installation service team is committed to  providing turnkey solar energy systems and solutions using only the highest quality equipment and components. Our goal is to be the best solar company in the country, just ask our thousands of satisfied customers. We are open and available through virtual consultations online to help you get started right away.

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Using the power of the sun, solar panels generate electricity all day and require little or no maintenance. A solar panel installation in New York pays for itself in the first years of operation and then produces no-cost clean electricity for decades. Whether you are thinking of a solar lease or purchasing your system, many financing options are available to help you go solar sooner. The quicker you install solar panels and start making your own electricity, the faster you will see a return on your investment.

A New York Solar Company that Makes Installing Solar Panels Easy and Affordable!
A solar electric system generates valuable, clean electricity that adds value to your home and building, and provides a great return on investment. With more than 2,500 solar energy installations and counting, Solar Liberty’s experienced team of engineers, customer service representatives, and project managers will work with you every step of the way. We will help you take advantage of every federal and state incentive available for your solar panel installation in New York.
From EV Charging to Community Solar, Solar Liberty is Leading the Way
In addition to installing more solar megawatts than any other local solar panel company, Solar Liberty has installed electric vehicle chargers (EV charging stations) in homes and businesses throughout New York. If you’re considering an electric vehicle, talk to a Solar Liberty solar energy consultant to learn more about installing an EV charger at your home and office.
With Solar + Storage, When the Sun Goes Down, Your Electric Bill Won’t Go Up
With the recent advances in solar electric storage or home and commercial battery storage, your solar system can produce power all day when the sun is shining and store excess power in the batteries for use at night. Solar Liberty is a certified Tesla Powerwall (Tesla battery) installer. Call us today to learn more about solar storage and solar battery systems for home solar and commercial solar systems in New York.
Community Solar and Agricultural Solar Means Everyone Can Go Green and Save Green
Solar Liberty has a solution if you are interested in going solar without installing solar panels.  With Solar Liberty Community Solar services, you can purchase solar energy for your home, business, or municipality from one of the many solar farms we have installed in New York State. Find out more about Community Solar from Solar Liberty.

Solar energy is now more affordable and accessible than ever before for farmers across New York State.

Generous State and utility incentives, programs from the USDA, and attractive financing options are designed to “grow” solar in New York. Contact a Solar Liberty Agricultural Solar expert today to learn more about our New York solar panel installation services, programs, and incentives for New York farmers. Ready to Go Solar and Save Thousands on Your Electric Bill? Request a Free Solar Power Evaluation of your home and business today!

Customers Say It Best

We chose Solar Liberty because of the great warranty on their solar panels. I was very impressed by the way they handled our project from beginning to end. Everything was very efficient. They handled all the paperwork, permits and inspections. I cannot express how professional each employee was throughout the process. Every time we had questions they were very quick to respond.

Annette S.

A few years ago, we installed a ground mount solar system with Solar Liberty and recently had them return to install a Tesla charging station in our garage. They were incredibly professional and wonderful to work with. I recommend them highly!

Sarah B.

I just had a ground mounted solar system installed by Solar Liberty. I have to say EVERYONE I dealt with from start to finish was great. Any questions we had were all answered and the installation was fast! The tax savings you get from installing a system make it very attractive for anyone who plans to stay in your house for a while. The tax money I will get back amounts to MORE THAN HALF of what I pay for the system. Thanks Solar Liberty!

Rick B.

I had been looking at solarizing my home for a long time. Solar Liberty was the best choice I could have made. They took care of all the paperwork, permits, and walked me through the process with no problems. Every time I get an electric bill I smile and thank them in my mind!

Elisabeth D.

I was one of their earliest customers. My system was installed over 10 years ago and I have been very happy with it. My only regret is that I didn't get a bigger system. From day one, Solar Liberty was informative, knowledgeable and helpful. When I had a problem with my system, they went out of their way to help. The best company in the field.

Brian T.

Solar Liberty had been great. Very professional and easy to work with. We are so happy with our panels. Our sales guy gave us a list of former customers to call if we had questions and I'm so glad we did. Everyone spoke highly of Solar Liberty and we got some good advice.

Tammy B.

Solar Liberty provided us with Solar panels at competitive pricing in a very professional manner! They provided us with all the necessary information to make an informative decision. Their team arrived on time, provided professional service in a very timely manner, and left our home clean! It was a very hands off experience for us because Solar Liberty took care of EVERYTHING!

Karen C.

We contracted Solar Liberty to install 2 Powerwalls. They did a very thorough job; we went through the testing of the switchover if mains power goes off. I was impressed with the install work and they made sure the app was working correctly. I would recommend them for any solar projects.

Robyn B.

Loved working with Solar Liberty. They are professional from start to finish.... professional sales person (Clayton Allen), professional project manager (Kelli Wilson), and professional installers (both the panel crew and the electricians). I interviewed a dozen solar installation companies and ultimately selected Solar Liberty because of their professionalism, and they matched the price of any competitor....superior equipment/installation at the best price.

David W.

May 2017 Solar Liberty installed a 10.23 KW system producing 12000 kWh energy per year, that my wife and I are very satisfied with. This exceeds our annual usage annually so we get a small rebate from National Grid each May for excess energy. It is a joy to have "zero net energy" for our electrical system. It is a contribution to reducing our carbon footprint.

David G.

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