Solar Energy Solutions in Rockland County, NY

Solar panel array in wildflower fieldIf you’re looking for a trusted and experienced solar energy provider in Rockland County, NY, turn to Solar Liberty. Since 2003, our team has installed solar power systems for homeowners and commercial properties across New York. Our specialties include residential solar, commercial solar, and EV charger installation.

As champions of clean energy, we’ve made a commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. What does this commitment mean for you? It means that when you choose Solar Liberty for solar installation in Rockland County, NY, you’re choosing greener, cleaner energy for your home or business.

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Residential Solar

Solar Liberty offers a full range of residential solar services for homeowners in Rockland County. We make our installation process simple by handling every step with careful consideration, from your consultation to installation to solar panel activation. Our residential solar services include:

  • Expert installation: Trust your solar installation to our seasoned and NABCEP-certified professionals. Our team is trained on cutting-edge tools and techniques to provide a high-quality installation experience for our customers.
  • New construction integration: Modern solar technology makes building a solar-powered home cost-effective and attainable for Rockland County residents. We’ve helped countless homeowners reduce their energy bills with solar-powered homes through new construction.
  • Battery storage solutions: Solar batteries are an essential component for the reliable operation of solar panels. Integrating electrical storage into your home’s solar system will help you become energy-independent by storing energy generated by your solar panels for later use.

Commercial Solar in Rockland County

For businesses and other commercial building managers looking to make a meaningful impact on their bottom line, Solar Liberty offers tailored commercial solar solutions designed to meet the unique needs of any business. Our commercial solar energy solutions for businesses across the Hudson Valley include:

  • Solar farm development: Partner with Solar Liberty to lease solar farms on your land. Our team will navigate the application process on your behalf, including assistance with USDA REAP grant applications.
  • Commercial installation and replacement: Whether your business is installing a new solar system or replacing an old one, Solar Liberty will handle the consultation, design, and installation of your commercial solar system.
  • Commercial solar maintenance: Maximize the benefits of your solar system through ongoing maintenance. We’ll handle the cleaning, inspection, and repairs of your commercial solar panels.

EV Charger Installation

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, investing in electric vehicle charging is a great way to commit to a clean energy economy. Solar Liberty offers EV charging solutions in Rockland County, NY, that offer convenience, sustainability, and long-term savings.

If you want to install a residential EV charging station, you’ll enjoy several benefits, such as:

  • Convenient charging: Enjoy the convenience of charging your electric vehicle at home, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Positive environmental impacts: By harnessing solar energy to power your electric vehicle, you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.
  • Reduced charging costs: Charging your electric vehicle often costs less than commercial fast chargers.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Solar Liberty for solar energy solutions, you’re choosing a partner that has been trusted in Rockland County, NY, for over 20 years. We’re even the number one solar installer in New York! With hundreds of residential and commercial solar installation projects under our belt, you can rest assured that your satisfaction is our top priority.

Experience the full potential of solar energy savings for your home or business. With flexible financing options, there’s never been a better time to switch to solar energy.

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Do solar panels work when it’s really cold?

Yes, solar panels continue to generate electricity in cold temperatures. A solar energy system from Solar Liberty is designed to perform optimally, even in the coldest temperatures.

How to save money on solar panel installation?

Federal and state incentives are available to offset the cost of solar panel installation. Contact Solar Liberty to learn more about available incentives and start saving today.

a solar farm with rows of solar panels generating power in a large field a solar farm with rows of solar panels generating power in a large field
About Solar Liberty:
  • 20 Years of company experience: Since 2003, we’ve helped homeowners and businesses utilize the power of solar to reduce their carbon footprint and save money.
  • Family-Owned & -Operated: We offer the personalized customer service that you can only get from a local, family-owned team.
  • Philanthropic: We work with the Solar Liberty Foundation to bring solar energy to underdeveloped nations and impoverished people.
  • Competitive Pricing: We believe investing in the clean energy movement shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Our competitive pricing helps keep your project within budget.
  • Online reviews & customer testimonials: We offer the highest quality products and superior service!
  • NABCEP-certified: Our highly knowledgeable solar experts will ensure your system is safely and properly installed to pull maximum energy from the sun.