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How To Properly Maintain Your Solar Panels

How To Properly Maintain Your Solar Panels

After installation, solar panels are fairly easy to maintain. However, even as low maintenance as they are, there are a few things you should know about solar panel maintenance. Learn how to properly maintain your solar panels in this article.

Should You Clean Your Panels?

As the owner of a set of solar panels, you may be wondering: should you clean them? The simple answer is no—manually cleaning your solar panels is almost never necessary. If you live in a high-precipitation climate, any accumulated dust and dirt will be naturally cleaned away by the rain and snow. Most solar panels are located on angled roofs, so any debris or snow that accumulates on your panels will simply slide off.

Monitor Your System

To confirm your solar energy system is performing efficiently and without incident, monitor the performance of your system. A noticeable decrease in performance may not necessarily mean anything is wrong with the system—usually, underperformance can be remedied with a good cleaning. But if you clean your panels, and the system is still underperforming, or you notice any visible damage to your system during a routine inspection, call a professional to check it out.

Call a Professional

If your solar panels are in desperate need a good cleaning or repair but your roof is particularly high, steep, or otherwise difficult to access, call a professional to clean or repair your panels for you. They’ll have all the equipment needed to safely access your roof and your solar panels. Many solar panel installers also offer cleaning and maintenance services, so check out those as you’re considering your options.

By learning how to properly maintain your solar panels, you’ll be able to keep your solar energy system clean, in good condition, and functioning properly. A solar energy equipment supplier like Solar Liberty will be able to assess and help you maintain your solar energy system. Come to us with your solar energy system installation and maintenance needs.