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How Solar Energy Can Power Your ESG Goals

The Commercial Solar Panel Installation Process

If you’re a business owner with an eye on the news, odds are you’ve heard of the growing phenomenon of Environmental, Social, and Governance investing. The increasing focus on ESG issues is a testament to the shift in priorities of investors toward companies that are proactive in reducing their negative impacts on the environment, acting as a positive influence in local and global communities, and ensuring their management structures are ethical and transparent. Whether you’re already a publicly traded company, hope to become one, or just want to increase your appeal to your consumers, ESG is a critical focus area to target.

Investing in a solar energy system for your business is one of the fastest and most effective ways to shore up the environmental and social aspects of your ESG efforts and stay competitive in New York’s daunting business landscape. As the number one installer of solar panels in New York, Solar Liberty can guide you through the transition to solar power.

A Tangible Environmental Impact

For most investors and consumers, a company’s environmental commitments are the most important ESG factor. People want to see that your business is taking steps to lessen harm to the climate, and sourcing at least part of your company’s power from clean solar energy is an effective way to do so.

Solar energy is a double win for New York businesses because, in addition to providing clean energy, solar panels, and solar energy storage systems provide significant savings on electricity. Whether you’re converting 10% or 100% of your energy consumption to solar, you’re helping the environment and lowering your overall operating costs.

A Significant Social Element

While a commercial solar energy system’s impact is primarily environmental, there is also a social factor that will boost your ESG ratings in the eyes of a consumer. Drawing power from solar reduces strain on the grid, which is critical at times when your community is using more electricity than normal — such as during increasing heat waves. Investing in solar also supports your local solar providers, allowing us to continue creating green jobs, training workers for the transition to a green economy, and giving back to your community. Additionally, employees — like consumers — prefer organizations with a visible ESG commitment, so you may even end up attracting more top talent.

Prepare for an ESG Future With Solar Liberty

ESG is not a passing fad. As consumers and investors push for more solid commitments and greater transparency in Environmental and Social matters and the Securities and Exchange Commission is pushing for standardized emissions reporting, even the smallest businesses need to put work into reducing their carbon footprints.

Solar energy systems offer New York organizations an opportunity to improve ESG metrics and reporting while simultaneously reducing reliance on the weakening and unpredictable electrical grid and saving money in the long run.

For more information on commercial solar energy systems, contact New York’s number one solar installer Solar Liberty. Call us at 866-807-3639 to speak to a representative, or contact us online for a free commercial solar evaluation.