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How Solar Liberty Helps Your Organization Progress Towards Net Zero Carbon Emissions

There are many ways that schools, universities, municipalities, and businesses can become more sustainable – working toward a net zero carbon emission future. Some are developing recycling or compost programs, while others are making the effort to use sustainable packaging or making the switch to more energy efficient appliances and lighting.

Another common theme among larger businesses is to buy renewable energy credits, or RECs. This is a way for a company to invest in renewable energy by buying power from large wind or solar facilities on the open market.

While buying RECs can support large scale renewable energy projects, and is a good way to invest in our renewable future, it doesn’t have the same positive financial impact as installing your own solar array. An organization who installs their own large-scale solar installation has a greater impact on their direct CO2 offset, while saving more money long term.

A great example of this is the Town of Tonawanda and the 2.6MW solar project they had Solar Liberty install on one of their landfills. This previously unusable brownfield has been turned into a renewable energy power plant for the municipality. The installation is slated to save the Town about $60,000 in electric costs, and directly offset 2,288 tons of CO2, annually!

This is just one of the many examples of how schools, universities, businesses and municipalities can turn unused space into a solar energy plant. Not only do these projects provide a path toward a net zero future by directly reducing carbon emissions, they provide extensive financial savings, while showing the community how to lead by example.

If your organization is looking to become a sustainability leader in your community, while giving the bottom line a major boost by slashing operating costs, then solar may be the path forward! To learn more about what solar can do for you, give us call us at or contact us at for a free evaluation.