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Why You Shouldn’t Do a DIY Solar Panel Installation

Why You Shouldn’t Do a DIY Solar Panel Installation

The recent popularity of solar electricity has seen a steep rise in the number of homeowners investing in this earth-friendly feature. What has also become popular is the mistake of cutting corners. Many homeowners will intend to take on solar installation as a weekend project, but this decision can quickly result in a dire situation. Keep reading to uncover the reasons why you shouldn’t complete a DIY solar panel installation.

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1) Things Can Get Complicated

You may believe solar panel installation will be a breeze with the kit you bought online; however, you’ll quickly realize that this can get way more complicated than you previously imagined. From attaining any necessary permits to educating yourself on the standard compliances, it can get pretty overwhelming.

By hiring a solar panel installation company, you can let out a sigh of relief. The experts will handle all the complicated processes and provide an installation that meets all standard compliances. They’ll also be able to attain the necessary permits effortlessly, as they’ll have done it many times before.

2) Tough Planning Process

If you’re not yet convinced, consider the amount of time you’ll have to set aside to plan out your installation process. While physically getting the panels up to the roof and doing the hands-on work may seem simple, things can change quickly when it comes to the electrical configurations. Figuring out how you want your panels to operate and implementing these features takes thorough training and education.

Not only that, but you also have to consider other topics that you must learn about and understand. You’ll need to figure out whether your roof can carry the weight of the panels, what size panels you need for your home’s specific electrical usage, and if your roof has the correct angles and space for placement.

3) You’ll Miss Out on Grants

One of the main reasons you shouldn’t DIY panel installation is that you’d miss out on NYSERDA grants. These grants provide funding for clean energy solutions; however, you can’t receive one if your solar installer isn’t certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and approved by NYSERDA, like most professional installers in New York are. These grants are a major perk and incentive for solar installation in the state, which is why professional installation of solar panels is such a draw.

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4) It Poses a Safety Threat To You and Your Home

This point doesn’t require much explanation; however, many people seem to believe themselves invincible. Hiring a professional installation company can help you avoid serious bodily injury.

The wiring process can also be incredibly risky if you don’t have the necessary education. You can risk incidents such as burning your house down and dangerous power surges.

5) You’ll Miss Out on the Perks

The last reason why you shouldn’t take on a solar panel installation as a DIY project is that you’ll miss out on the many perks that come with contracting a professional solar power company. For example, there are specific permits and utility work that must take place to connect the system to the grid — when you work with professionals, they’ll handle that for you. Then there are also the perks like Residential EV (electric vehicle) charging installations and solar battery installations.

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