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Nestled on the banks of the Hudson, Albany serves as the state’s capital and a central hub of government in New York. Property and business owners appreciate the history of this 400-year-old city, and they also want to help preserve its natural beauty for future generations. Embracing renewable energy, including the benefits of solar power, is one way they can do just that.

Create positive change in your neighborhood or community by establishing your home or business as a representative of renewable energy’s possibilities. Installing solar panels has continued to grow in popularity and frequency across New York—and for good reason. Using solar power as the prime source of energy has proven to be a reliable and sustainable option. Our solar company serving Albany, NY, has helped clients reach new heights in alternative energy.

The truth? Getting away from costly, limited energy sources is attainable. Switching to solar power pays for itself within years while continually lowering your energy overhead cost.

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Solar Power for Albany Businesses and Landowners

Solar power is a renewable energy source readily available in Albany, but first, you need to have the right equipment. That’s where Solar Liberty comes in. We offer commercial-scale solar power services for business owners and landowners in Albany that help embrace this renewable energy source.

What can you expect from commercial-scale solar power in Albany? There are three key aspects that educational institutions, businesses, and other organizations receive when installing solar panels, including cost savings, a positive brand image, and a way to support the local community.

Whichever advantage has propelled your inquiry for solar companies in Albany, NY, the installers at Solar Liberty have the knowledge and experience to exceed your expectations. We work with commercial and residential clients on an individual basis to create an alternative energy plan that fits their energy requirements.

Residential & Commercial Solar Incentives

Not only do we offer solar power services to businesses, but we can also assist residential customers with embracing the benefits of solar. Homeowners, organizations, and corporations may all qualify for government solar installation incentives in Albany, NY. Some additional ways to save beyond low-energy usage might include state rebates, tax credits or exemptions, and net metering. The amount of renewable energy you invest in, the type of property you own, and other details regarding your solar installation will affect the amount and kind of incentives you receive.

Talk with a representative at our solar company in Albany, NY, for the latest information on potential residential or commercial solar incentives.

Embracing the Power of Solar to Keep Albany Shining

For over 400 years, Albany has served as a beautiful reminder of the tenacity of the people of New York. The Empire State Plaza showcases the genius of the people, with its beautiful reflecting pools and underground shopping center lined with art galleries and boutique stores. Residents know they can catch unique live performances at The Egg, then head to the New York State Museum to explore the state’s natural and cultural history, all in the same afternoon. There’s even the Albany Institute of History and Art with its world-famous galleries to peruse.

Albany also has breathtaking outdoor areas, with bluffs, forests, and waterfalls untouched by the urban nature of larger cities in the state. The people of Albany are passionate about protecting this natural beauty, and that’s one reason solar power is so important. If you want to do your part to keep Albany naturally beautiful, contact Solar Liberty today to discuss adding solar energy to your home or business.

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