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How To Make Commercial Buildings More Sustainable

How To Make Commercial Buildings More Sustainable

When new buildings are built, whether it’s a community residence or a commercial property meant for production and business, they have an impact on the environment. This impact on the environment continues its havoc all through the building’s lifespan, from its creation and occupancy until the day the building is demolished or repurposed. For that reason, it’s important for business owners to be aware of how to make commercial buildings more sustainable. If you currently own a commercial building, check out our list below to transform your business into an environmentally responsible entity.

Choose the Right Building Materials

If your business is currently in the works of building a commercial property, it’s important to choose the right materials. This is because there are different building materials that are more sustainable than others.

Choosing an eco-friendly option is a responsible thing to do because green materials are often produced and reused in a much more ethical manner. To simplify things, we’ve provided two examples of how you can choose the right building materials for your upcoming commercial property.

Eco-Friendly Metals

If you’re building a commercial building from scratch, you’re going to want to consider using the materials mentioned in the list below.

  • Recycled Steel
  • Ferrock
  • Recycled Plastic
  • Ashcrete

Knowing what kind of eco-friendly materials exist will allow you to choose a building option that you can feel good about.

Choose a Green Roof Alternative

Another way you can make your commercial building more sustainable is by choosing a green roof option. Traditional asphalt shingles are terrible for the earth because they take decades to decompose. A green alternative would be to choose metal roofing.

Metal roofing is a great eco-friendly alternative because it is made up of all recycled metals. At the end of its long lifespan, rather than sitting in landfills for more than twenty years, metal roofs are 100% recyclable.

Invest in Commercial Solar Panels

A highly impactful method for creating a sustainable commercial building is to invest in commercial solar panels. Solar electricity isn’t just for your home. In fact, solar panels can be a great investment for your business. You can save money on electrical costs while gaining a respectable reputation as an environmentally responsible business.

Here at Solar Liberty, we offer commercial solar panel installation for companies searching for sustainable solutions. You can trust our group of solar experts to transform the way you conduct your business. Whether you are a business, government building, or educational institution, Solar Liberty can make the transition into solar power easy and rewarding.

For more insight on how you can make your commercial building more sustainable by working with Solar Liberty, give us a call. Our team has years of experience in the solar field and is prepared to answer your questions and inquiries.