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Solar Liberty lets the sun shine in

Adam Rizzo and Nathan Rizzo

(Photo Courtesy: Joed Viera)

Brothers and business partners Adam Rizzo, left and Nathan Rizzo say solar electric systems bring financial and environmental savings. “A solar panel installation pays for itself in the first years of operation and then produces no-cost clean electricity for decades,” their website says.

Buffalo Business First
Jane Schmitt
December 7, 2018

With the power of the sun behind Solar Liberty Energy Systems Inc., the future shines bright for the Amherst environmental services company.

High-efficiency solar panels are the name of the game here, and co-founder Adam Rizzo said utility costs have prompted more homeowners, schools and businesses to consider renewable energy options.

“With utility costs rising, going solar mitigates the inevitable utility bill hike, giving our customers savings in every economic climate,” he said.

Rizzo started the business in 2003 with his brother Nathan and now there are 85 employees.

“Our employees are passionate about what we do and love saving the world, one solar panel at a time,” he said.

The company designs, manufactures and installs solar panels on residential, commercial and large-scale utilities projects. Thousands of installations have been completed in the last 15 years.

In July the company was recognized by Solar Power World as the top solar contractor in New York state.

“(We are) committed to promoting energy independence through the widespread installation of solar electric systems,” Rizzo said. “We strive to educate the public on the many benefits of solar energy to create a more sustainable future for our world. Our mission has always been to make solar energy feasible for everyone.”

The customer list includes nonprofits and government agencies.

Said Rizzo: “As we continue to grow and innovate with market changes, we become stronger as a solar company. With backup battery storage becoming more affordable with increasing demand, we are finding new avenues of business to help our customers with their needs.”