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49 Panels Installed at City of Syracuse Sustainability Showcase

SYRACUSE, NY – 49 SunPower 230 watt Solar Panels were installed by Solar Liberty this month at the City of Syracuse Sustainability Showcase. The panels will be used to offset electrical power used in the building.

A customized platform was constructed by the City of Syracuse Skilled Trades to enable their placement at a 22-degree angle facing due south for optimum efficiency.

A Solectria Inverter is being used, which operates as the brains of the system, converting the DC generated power into usable AC power. The inverter also knows when to send excess power back to the utility grid when the solar system is generating more power than the facility is using. A telemetry viewing station, which registers how much power is being produced, has been placed in the Sustainability Showcase. The meter will allow the public to see the power being used and at times, when more power is being produced than being used, the meter will run backwards.

The installation will displace significant green house gas (GHG) including 9.2 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), 154 lbs of sulfur dioxide and 77 pounds of nitrous oxide (N2O) and will reduce GHG by 211 tons of CO2 over its lifetime; which is the equivalent of planting 337 trees a year for 25 years. The system is expected to save the City $152,000.00 over the next 25 years. The City’s upfront cost of $21,000.00 will be paid back in 8 years. The City is expecting a 16.5% rate of return on investment.

In October 2008, Mayor Driscoll held a reception to highlight the “green” components of the space as well as showcase the environmental and sustainable initiatives going on throughout Central New York. The renovation has transformed this underutilized space into a year round, energy efficient meeting showcase for city and community functions. In addition to the solar panels, an environmentally friendly HVAC system, high efficiency light fixtures and other “green” upgrades have been installed.