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New York registered a new record on May 18th, when solar power met 20% of the state power demand

By June 5, 2023News

Elsewhere, across southern and western parts of North America, including Mexico, received irradiation close to or below normal during May. In a repeat of weather patterns seen during April, the Southeast and Gulf regions, including Texas and northeastern Mexico, received more clouds and less irradiation than normal, due to stronger moist easterly winds from the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

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Solcast produces these figures via its irradiance forecasting and weather API by tracking clouds and aerosols at 1 to 2 km resolution globally using satellite data and proprietary AI/ML algorithms. This data is used to drive irradiance models, enabling Solcast to calculate irradiance at high resolution, with typical bias of less than 2%, and also cloud-tracking forecasts. This data is used by more than 300 companies managing over 150 GW of solar assets globally.

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