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How Long It Takes To Get Solar Panels Installed

How Long It Takes To Get Solar Panels Installed

So, you’ve decided to switch to solar energy—congratulations! This decision will benefit the environment and lower your energy bill in short order. But how long will it be before your system is fully installed and ready to power your home or facility? There is much more to the solar installation process than the installation itself. Here’s how long it takes to get solar panels installed.

Choose an Installer

Before solar panels can be installed, you must first choose an installer to complete the project for you. Investigate solar companies in your area and decide which one best fits your needs. This step can take as long or short as you need to determine the necessary information. Click HERE to see if your installer of choice received the 2021 NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer Designation.

Perform a Site Assessment

After choosing a contractor, a solar professional from the company will assess the site where the solar panels will be installed. Initial assessments can be done over the phone. The professional will examine your roof and the location of your home to determine what type of system is best. Initial phone assessments and a meeting regarding a proposal specific to your home can be completed within a week.

Permitting/Utility Interface

Solar panels cannot be installed without the necessary permits from the government and utility. Companies like Solar Liberty investigate your local laws and utility guidelines to find out which permits you will need. Since the length of time to get a permit depends on the government and utility, this step can take anywhere from a week to months to complete.

Install the Panels

The actual installation of solar panels only takes about one to three days, making it the quickest step of the process. The exact amount of time the installation will take depends upon how large or complex your roof is. The size and type of solar system you are having installed will also be a factor.

Schedule an Inspection

Once the system is installed, it must be inspected before being connected to the power grid. This process generally takes about one week, but it can sometimes take up to a month.

Finalize the Utility Connection

Finally, once they have passed inspection, your solar panels must be approved for connection to the power grid. Your installer will submit an application to your utility company, and someone from the company will come to inspect your system. Once they approve it, the system can be connected to your utilities. Between the inspection, approval, and connection, this step can take anywhere from three to six weeks.

Given how long it takes to get solar panels installed, you’ll want to start the process as soon as you’ve decided to switch to solar energy. If you’re looking for solar panel installation in New York, consider choosing Solar Liberty as your installer. We offer installation services that include the steps noted above and offer free solar evaluations to help you decide if switching to solar energy is the right choice for you.