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Drone shot of large solar panel array on commercial building roof

3 Key Ways

As a business owner, you go above and beyond to ensure a smooth, profitable operation. But have you ever considered the sustainability aspect of your business?

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how solar can help keep your business sustainable for years to come. Embracing solar energy is not just a financial decision; it’s a powerful step towards a greener and more responsible business model.

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Lower Energy Costs

You work hard to provide a quality service or product and competitive salaries for your team. The issue, though, is that energy costs are skyrocketing. With these higher expenses, many business owners in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Vermont want to explore cost-saving measures.

Instead of raising prices, why not opt for solar energy? When you invest in commercial solar panels, you benefit from significantly lower energy costs. That means you’ll no longer worry about this monthly expense, helping you refocus on your business.

Energy Independence & Reliability

Those with traditional power sources often experience fluctuations or other issues. Whether these challenges are ongoing or sporadic, they can be incredibly disruptive and costly to your business. However, with solar products, you can rest assured that you’ll always have energy independence and dependability in your commercial space.

There’s also the benefit of battery storage. Moving forward with commercial solar and EV chargers helps you add sustainability to your office, university, restaurant, grocery store, or K-12 school. EV charging station installation provides peace of mind for all visitors, as they’ll know they have fast, stress-free charging in your commercial space.

Attract Eco-Friendly Customers

Eco-friendliness is gaining popularity among consumers. These consumers make it a point to search for eco-friendly businesses and even avoid businesses that don’t share their environmental passion. Eco-friendly consumers are some of the most loyal out there, making solar an attractive option for business owners in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Vermont.

Schedule with Solar Liberty

Solar Liberty is the largest solar energy installer in New York State. Since opening in 2003, customers have relied on us for grid-tied solar electric systems. We serve customers in various commercial industries, including commercial businesses, education, government, nonprofits, and utility-scale solar.

Solar Liberty’s team features experienced, trained, and NABCEP-certified solar installers and electricians. We pride ourselves on educating our customers on the ins and outs of sustainable energy solutions so they can make the best decisions for their business. Unlike some solar panel companies, Solar Liberty will never try pressuring you into a service.

We offer several ways to improve your business’s sustainability, including solar panel installation, EV charging station installation, and solar farming options. If you’re curious about commercial solar incentives, know that federal tax savings were recently extended for the next 10 years and upped from 26% to 30%. That makes now the perfect time to invest in commercial solar with Solar Liberty.

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