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Questions to Ask Before Installing Solar Panels

By August 4, 2020August 5th, 2021Blog
Questions to Ask Before Installing Solar Panels

Green energy has become a large trend today, given most people’s knowledge of greenhouse gases and environmental catastrophe. Some people opt for dietary changes or electric vehicles, but others want their homes or businesses to have greener technology as well. One of the best energy-efficient technologies today is solar panels. However, there are some questions to ask before installing solar panels any resident or business owner should consider.

How Will They Save Energy?

Solar panels absorb light emitted from the sun and convert it into usable energy. Each panel uses photovoltaic cells linked together, which convert the sunlight into direct current (DC). A solar inverter then converts this power into usable alternating current (AC). Alternating current powers most home appliances and light fixtures, supplying constant electricity throughout the space.

How Do They Save Money?

Solar panels save money in various ways. The cost of electricity generated from nonrenewable resources such as coal, gas, and oil fluctuates based on market trends and availability, but solar power is constant. The sun is always present and supplying energy. In effect, this ensures consistent monthly energy bills for more efficient money management.

Another way solar power saves money is through tax returns. Many local and state governments as well as the federal government provide tax incentives for residential and commercial solar power installation. Residents of New York State could see a minimum tax break of 26% from this initiative.

What Is the Maintenance and Care?

A common question to ask before installing solar panels is how to maintain them. One of the main perks of solar panels is that they’re very low-maintenance. Solar panels are built to last for many years, so the cleaning and care required is minimal. In a precipitous climate such as that of New York, rainwater will naturally clean the panels of any dirt, leaves, and other debris that could impede sunlight absorption—with no extra care necessary on the homeowner’s part.

Who Can Use Solar Panels?

Finally, many people want to know who can benefit most from solar panels. The good news is that any residence, business, school, university, government, nonprofit, or utility program can use solar panels. Any building or property wanting to save money or reduce their carbon footprint has the capacity for solar panel installation. Large-scale power plants and community power systems can use solar panels, too—they’re not limited to small-scale applications. Rather, solar panels offer turnkey power solutions for any roof or land space.

With that in mind, contact us at Solar Liberty for the best solar panel installation in New York. We’re the largest solar installer in New York State with the best professional and experienced staff. Using only high-quality equipment and components, our solar panel installation guarantees energy- and cost-saving solutions for any residence, business, school, university, or power plant. Our thousands of satisfied customers prove we care about your solar power solutions, whatever they may be.