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The Benefits of Solar Panels for Universities

By July 6, 2020August 5th, 2021Blog
The Benefits of Solar Panels for Universities

Solar power has become increasingly common today. Many businesses and residences have taken initiative in their energy consumption and switched to alternative energy sources other than coal, oil, or natural gas. One energy alternative—solar power—has sufficiently powered residential and commercial buildings as well as college and university structures. More of these institutions can change to solar power and reap these benefits of solar power for universities.

Solar Power Supplies Constant Energy

The main benefit of using solar power at a university is that it supplies constant energy. Coal and natural gas-derived electricity is considered nonrenewable. This means this energy comes from limited sources that will eventually lose their supplies. Nonrenewable energy is costly even for large institutions such as colleges and universities. Alternatively, renewable energy is limitless and, in the case of solar power, free after installation and material costs. The panels collect and convert solar radiation into usable energy. A greater number of panels means a university can collect all its energy from solar power and cut its energy costs.

Boosts Environmental Credibility

Using solar power boosts environmental credibility. Today, many people understand the devastating effects climate change has on the environment. Human intervention has destroyed ecosystems, changed natural landscapes, and altered biological cycles within the Earth’s hemisphere, specifically the water, carbon, and nitrogen cycles. Given these effects, many people seek out environmentally conscious institutions. As many grocers and department stores change to green energy sources, universities and schools are doing the same. Greater eco-friendliness appeals to more students, which increases revenue and strengthens the school’s reputation.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of solar panels for universities is that they’re low-maintenance. Solar panels are complex devices, but once they’re installed, not much upkeep is involved. Solar panels use a durable glass frame that protects the solar cells inside. These panels can withstand strong weather and other external forces in almost every climate. Solar panels aren’t indestructible, and they might need occasional repairs, but they’re still a better low-maintenance option than coal or diesel-fired power plants.

They Fit Most College Architecture

Unbeknownst to many university presidents, college architecture is perfect for solar panel installation. Many university buildings feature flat rather than sloped roofs. This naturally ensures solar panels can fit properly in alignment. Sloped roof panels exist, but more flat panels can fit adjacently and increase total energy output. A flat solar panel design also fits along other rooftop features such as HVAC systems.

When powering your university or college, be sure to call us at Solar Liberty for the best solar panels for schools. Our solar panels are designed for efficient solar panel conversion to power any school, college, or university year-round. Cut your energy costs and increase your environmental reputability with this switch. You’ll see that gradual changes in your energy consumption can reduce your carbon footprint and distinguish you from other institutions.