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Going Electric: Tips for Home & Garden

By June 13, 2023Blog
Family photo with house featuring solar panels in background. Advertising NYSERDA

via: New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Now that summer is here, cleaning up around the house and garden is a priority for many homeowners. If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your yard and home with improved efficiency while reducing your carbon footprint, think electric.

Electric appliances, electric heating and cooling systems, and electric tools are emission free, quieter, highly efficient, and require less maintenance.

Did You Know?
When fossil fuels such as natural gas, propane, and oil are burned, they give off harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide. By switching to electricity, you reduce harmful emissions both inside and outside your home.

This Summer, Think Electric!

Get a Home Energy Assessment
An energy assessment is the first step to discovering where and how you can electrify your home. An assessment is a customized plan that provides a top-to-bottom look at how your home uses energy. It will tell you how to increase efficiency and lower energy bills in the short and long term. Check out NYSERDA’s Residential Energy Assessment Program! Most homeowners are eligible for a no-cost assessment through NYSERDA

Electrify at Home
With dozens of tips to help you get started saving energy and money at home, the NYSERDA “Residents and Homeowners” page is a great reference. Look for information about ENERGY STAR® certified lights and appliances, water heaters, induction cooktops, and efficient heating and cooling (heat pumps) technologies that use electric.

New to induction stoves? Check out a fun video of induction in action featuring Chef Lorenzo Beronilla at the Troy Farmer’s Market.

Safer, Healthier Cooking
Watch Top Chef Amateur Winner Lorenzo Beronilla demonstrate cooking with induction.

Induction Cooking 101
Learn how induction stoves work and how they are different from standard electric or gas stoves.

Electrify in the Yard, Too!
Mowers, leaf blowers, trimmers, and power washers. Did you know that most home maintenance tools have electric alternatives? Electric offers an efficient, easy to handle, low-maintenance, and zero-emissions alternative to many home care tools. Check out this informational blog about electric tools and equipment.

Now that your home and garden are safe, clean, and looking great, enjoy all your hard work; kick-back and relax under a string of energy-efficient LED lights!